Client Experience

Since 1982, X-DOT has helped a wide range of customers across many diverse industries. Our clients currently range from large Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, and each one gets treated with the same friendly, personal service. It's the only way we know how to do business.

The following is a representative sampling of the customers we have assisted:

  • ALLTEL Communications, Inc.
  • AT&T
  • AT&T Wireless
  • Auburn Data Systems
  • BellSouth International
  • BellSouth Mobility
  • BellSouth Personal Communications
  • Cingular Wireless
  • Com-Ed
  • Comsearch
  • D.S.I. Technologies
  • Digital Microwave Corporation
  • EasTex
  • Ericsson Radio Systems
  • Intermedia
  • IBM
  • Kansas City Power & Light
  • Northeast Texas Consortium (NetNet)
  • L.A. Cellular
  • MetroCel Cellular
  • Micronet
  • Motorola Communications & Electronics
  • Motorola, Inc.
  • NEC America
  • Newcom Wireless
  • Nsight
  • OpenLink
  • Pinnacle Telecommunications
  • PrimeCo
  • ProComm Telecommunications
  • SBC Datacom
  • South Mississippi Electric Power Association
  • Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems
  • Sprint PCS
  • Sprint Spectrum L.P.
  • Texas Gas Transmission
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Vanguard Cellular Systems
  • Vermont Electric Power Company
  • Verizon Wireless
  • VoiceStream
  • Western Wireless

X-DOT’s work is exactingly accurate, the staff is of the highest caliber, and it is not an overstatement to say that Jim and his group steered us clear of bad information that would have totally shipwrecked our project had it not been corrected early in the process. I recommend him without reservation; whatever he tells you, you can count on it.

Kevin Roper, Director

The Northeast Texas Consortium (NETnet)

X-DOT has been taking care of all of my microwave path survey and licensing needs for the past two years. Their expertise and attention to detail provide me fast, reliable and accurate path solutions. They are always friendly, very responsive to our needs and a genuine pleasure to work with!

Fred Miller, Engineer III Spec-Interconnect

Verizon Wireless

My earliest memory of working with X-DOT was when Alltel’s Albany DR6C system was bouncing all over kingdom come every spring and fall, and another survey company reviewed the path data and said the paths would never work.

I called Jim Wolfson and he said the path data was reliable and the paths should work. I took that information to the bank, worked on the radios for 56 hours straight and determined that the real problem was that the air conditioning system was blowing on the solid state oscillators causing them to drift severely off frequency. With the addition of a little Plexiglass as an air-conditioning baffle and Voila!

I love to tell this story of how one man sitting 1,500 miles away was so confident in his understanding and knowledge of his profession that he saved his customer untold thousands and thousands of dollars, and restored their system to the highest degree of reliability that they expected.

Tom Reardon, President & Owner

ProComm Telecommunications

I am very pleased to recommend the high-quality, professional engineering services of X-DOT, Inc. to other telecommunications professionals. Our company has used the services provided by X-DOT for microwave radio system surveying, path design, FCC and FAA forms preparation, and field strength measurements for over ten years.

I have been in the telecommunications industry for almost 20 years and our microwave system has the highest system performance of any system I have ever seen. The success of our system performance is a direct result of the design criteria engineered into it by X-DOT. I believe X-DOT to be a first-class engineering services company and we owe the success of our microwave system to their expertise.

Rick Speck, Supervisor of Radio Operations (Retired)

Kansas City Power & Light

We would love to hear from you and talk about a potential project, or simply answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction.