FCC Microwave Licensing & License Management

X-DOT has been providing FCC microwave licensing services to its customers since 1981. X-DOT’s regulatory team has an impeccable reputation in the industry for preciseness and diverse knowledge of the FCC licensing process.

Once frequency coordination has been completed for a given microwave path, that path must be licensed using the FCC’s on-line Universal Licensing System (ULS).

X-DOT’s regulatory team prepares a complete and precise FCC licensing package for its customers and submits the FCC applications for the microwave path(s) using the FCC’s on-line Universal Licensing System. In cases where the customer requires their in-house staff to submit the FCC applications through the ULS, we work closely with those customers’ regulatory departments or their attorneys, and provide a complete FCC licensing package (to include, detailed information regarding the filings, supporting documents and exhibits) for their submission to the FCC.

X-DOT’s regulatory team also manages the licensing process, in that the FCC applications are tracked through the FCC licensing process to ensure they are licensed properly and successfully granted by the FCC.

X-DOT’s work is exactingly accurate, the staff is of the highest caliber, and it is not an overstatement to say that Jim and his group steered us clear of bad information that would have totally shipwrecked our project had it not been corrected early in the process. I recommend him without reservation; whatever he tells you, you can count on it.

Kevin Roper, Director

The Northeast Texas Consortium (NETnet)

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