Frequency Coordination Studies

Our team of engineers at X-DOT has extensive experience in performing frequency coordination studies. As a result of the number of microwave paths we have designed, we possess a unique capability in understanding the problems associated with frequency assignments pertaining to microwave system design. When the microwave system is designed, we submit the completed system performance data, including all required equipment parameters, to the frequency coordination company of the customer’s choice. We will then consult with that company on a continuing basis concerning the challenges involved with assigning frequencies on the system.

Rumors always exist concerning the non-availability of frequencies in a given area. It is impossible to "second guess" whether frequencies may be available for a proposed system or not. We have found that the only way to determine if frequencies may be assigned to a given path for a particular frequency band is to have the frequency analysis performed.

Changes in equipment at one site along a path can make an interference case appear or disappear. Interference cases are dependent on the angles between proposed site locations and existing microwave sites in the area. If frequencies cannot be found, changes in the system design are made before alternative routings are considered.

Once frequencies have been assigned and the prior coordination notices reviewed by X-DOT, then the pre-coordination process begins. For further information concerning what is involved in this process, please contact our engineering team at 972-248-7243.

X-DOT’s work is exactingly accurate, the staff is of the highest caliber, and it is not an overstatement to say that Jim and his group steered us clear of bad information that would have totally shipwrecked our project had it not been corrected early in the process. I recommend him without reservation; whatever he tells you, you can count on it.

Kevin Roper, Director

The Northeast Texas Consortium (NETnet)

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